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The premium SQL Server solutions from IT Company Australia are designed to offer unmatched SQL Server database support. Our SQL Server solutions provide your organisation with the knowledge, expertise, and best practices needed to enhance your core database environments, from routine business operations to strategy.Our SQL Server solutions provide your organisation with the knowledge, expertise, and best practices needed to enhance your core database environments, from routine business operations to strategy. With our fully managed DBA services, you receive unmatched coverage and scalability through flexible services adapted to your organisation's needs

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SQL DBA Services by the IT Company Australia

We've assisted several companies with maintaining their SQL Server infrastructure. Our DBAs have years of professional expertise managing SQL Server databases and have provided consulting services to some of the most prestigious companies. Our services come with the most efficient, result-driven features to provide our clients with the most outstanding services possible!

Databases Optimisation
Databases Optimisation
Log Shipping
Log Shipping
Automatic Backups
Automatic Backups
Database Auditing
Database Auditing
Recovery Models
Recovery Models
Automatic Indexes
Automatic Indexes
Memory Optimization
Memory Optimization
Short-term backup Retention
Short-term backup Retention

What People Say About US

Thank you IT Company Australia for such wonderful services. Highly recommendable!!
Excellent IT services! Highly recommended.
The team is very dedicated and friendly. Our company is really satisfied from their great expertise.

Your SQL Server Databases will be Monitored and Maintained.

We understand that your SQL Server setup represents a significant investment and is crucial to your company's operations. Our SQL DBA services can accommodate your business's present and future demands. Keep your business going by utilising our SQL DBA Managed services and use "block of hours"-based assistance as needed, without extra costs.
To ensure that your databases successfully support your company activities, our team of DBA Experts will regularly monitor, manage, and optimise your environment.

Have You Been Experiencing these Issues?

Internal lack of SQL knowledge

Need a SQL server update or migration

Instability or performance issues that are unpredictable and recurrent

Lack a DBA, and you need a database specialist to step in, inform you where you stand, and make your database infrastructure more flexible and stable

IT Company Australia's adaptable SQL DBA Services can be customised to your specific company requirements and help you overcome all these issues and much more!

Database application
Database application White

Quality Services That you can count on!

Enterprise level SQL Servers
15 years of Microsoft certified SQL experience
Regular SQL Server Maintenance and Optimization
24/7 customer support

Discover the Benefits of Our Database Services

Recovery Management
Managed SQL Server Services
At a fraction of the expense of a full-time professional, our DBA solution offers your company immediate feedback and specialised SQL Server DBA assistance.
Constant Monitoring & Support
SQL Server monitoring is done 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with instant incident response. Our Managed SQL Services recognise future problems and anticipate breakdown incidents.
SQL Server Diagnostics
A thorough risk assessment and health check of your SQL Server. Prevent costly business interruptions by identifying issue areas.
Performance Tuning
Determine and fix environmental bottlenecks. Optimise the performance of problem transaction workloads. Achieve optimal SQL Server configurations.

Database Services that Suit Your Needs.

With the help of our SQL DBA services, you can improve monitoring and maintenance, expand the capabilities of your internal DBA staff, and increase resilience during peak times. Businesses of any size can now use the same cutting-edge database administration and support solutions used by some of the largest SQL infrastructures in the industry, thanks to customisable support choices.
Save money and time with IT Company Australia to minimise high hardware costs. Therefore, you can use it where it will be most effective.

Here’s Why You Should Manage Your Database with IT Company Australia

Design, programming, testing, support, and maintenance are all included in our web application development services. In addition, our skilled web app developers assist you with technological consultancy, updating old architectures, and web architecture migration.

Data Protection

We employ high-level, advanced security and true-and-tested procedures that ensure the high security of your databases.

Data and Resource Optimization

We don't simply keep an eye on your servers; we also continue to enhance them. With thorough monthly reporting, we'll show you how much better your SQL Server is getting each month.

Thorough SQL Server Health Checks

Our SQL health audit includes much more than just your SQL Server. Additionally, we check the operating system, storage, and hardware settings, to mention a few.

Swift and Adaptable

Our in-house software allows us to operate more effectively and does away with the need to purchase third-party software.


We exclusively hire Top level DBAs with years of experience. We offer in-depth knowledge and experience that you won't find anyplace else.

Compliance Knowledge

We are thoroughly aware of the security and compliance standards necessary for cooperating with clients who adhere to compliance standards.

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Yes, you can upload many files unless your storage capacity allows you to.

You can upload your data with us safely and without worry. We employ industry-standard SSL encryption. The data is immediately deleted from our systems when you submit a file. Throughout conversion, we keep a copy on our regional servers. After conversion, we transfer your data to a safe, encrypted offline location.

Please discuss your requirements with our friendly sales team and we will love to help you to improve your SQL Database performance!

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