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Secure Sim Hosting on our robust platform so that you can advertise a local number for almost any location. Send and receive unlimited SMS from your own number with our reliable SIM Hosting services, allowing you high uptime and availability.

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SMS Gateway

Secure SIM Hosting for unlimited SMS with IT Company Australia

SIM hosting is a unique service that allows you to access your incoming SMS and send outgoing SMS over the Internet at anytime and anywhere. We host your own dedicated SIM card, and you can use our API to save messages to your database or configure auto-reply.

Your SIM card is operational for Person-to-Person conversation 365 days a year. The IT Company Australia SIM hosting service also transmits SMS messages to the API, email, website, database, or URL you specify. The app can also receive SMS with variables including information about the sender's cellphone number or message text.

#SIM Hosting is only available for selected countries, please contact sales for further details.

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Send & Receive Unlimited SMS

  • Unlimited SMS messages to one or multiple recipients
  • Incoming messages to the inbox
  • Automatic responses to incoming messages
Unlimited SMS
Email to SMS

Email To SMS, API & Web To SMS

  • Standard Email to SMS, Web SMS, SMS APIs and 2-way SMS features available
  • Maximum capacity enterprise level messaging platform
  • 24/7 operational SIM card
  • 99.9% network Uptime and availability

Enterprise Level Secured Solutions

  • Enterprise Solution to run internal and secure SMS Gateway within your own network
  • Authenticate with Active Directory or integrate with your existing ERP to authenticate to send SMS
  • Increased security and secured data
  • Dedicated number for sending and receiving SMS messages
Enterprise Level

Privacy Compliance

  • Subscribers can text STOP to unsubscribe from your lists at any time
  • Opt-out command to comply with Anti-Spam laws
  • Auto blocking from all future SMS when user select to opt-out
  • Allow or deny API, Email to SMS or span style="font-weight: bold;">login permissions to users

Owner Autonomy

  • You can resell SMS services on your own
  • Manage users on your own as well
  • You can setup SMS sending quota for each user
  • View reports and users' activity
  • Allow or deny API, Email to SMS or login permissions to users
Owner Autonomy
$281.03 Monthly
(When you pay annually)

Hosted SMS Gateway

  • Hosted SMS Gateway with Web to SMS
  • Bulk SMS
  • Email to SMS
  • Two Way SMS
  • API for Developer
  • SMS Scheduler
  • Bulk Contacts Upload
  • Delivery Reports
  • 2 years contract

Note: * Any applicable taxes will be calculated at checkout


The Most Reliable, Easiest to Use SMS Marketing Platform Anywhere

You don’t need to download anything and have no need to do any installation. Just jump right in and start sending messages right now with our most reliable and easy to use web SMS service by using your favorite browser. You can schedule a full broad cast and can have reports bring the detail back to you, you can even enjoy peace of mind by having delivery reports. We know you can’t afford headaches and delays. You’ve got a business to run. We do more than just promise business SMS reliability. We offer our customers secure, reliable and high capacity messaging platform.

What is SMS?

Short Message Service (SMS) is the ability to send and receive short alphanumeric messages to and from mobile telephones.

What are the benefits of SMS?

SMS provides a powerful vehicle for service differentiation. The benefits of SMS to the service provider are:

* Increased call completion on wireless and wire-line networks by leveraging the notification capabilities of SMS

* An alternative to alphanumeric paging services

* Enabling wireless data access to corporate users

* Provision of value added services such as email, voicemail and fax mail integration, reminder service, stock and currency quotes and airline schedules

* Provision of key administrative services such as advice of charge, over the air downloading and service provisioning

How long does it take for my message to arrive?

Messages usually arrive within a few seconds (15-30 sec) of clicking the Send button.

How long can an SMS message be?

A maximum of 160 alphanumeric characters.

How do I contact you if I found a problem with your web site or I’m having problems sending short messages?

Please send an email to

Can I create an Address Book or a Recipient List?

Yes, you can.

Can I send my SMS messages to different recipients?

Yes. You can add contacts to your online address book, and then send the same SMS to different recipients or different messages to defined customer lists.

What is a short code?

A 4 or 5 digit number, e.g.: 1544

A short code number contains digits only, it is never preceded with a plus sign. It is often used by widely advertised SMS services. It’s advantage is it’s simplicity.

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