• Manage Inventory
  • SMS Alerts on Orders
  • Outstanding Business Reporting

POSCP.COM The Best Way to Make Your Business Successful

Whether you are running a single store or planning to run an online franchise network, you can manage and view your sales, stock, customers and much more, either in store or online.

POSCP.COM is a smart and reliable system which runs on Windows Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Website or any other device. Developed by our team, it can be customized to suit YOUR business model. IT Company Australia has been designed to automate pizza shops, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants.

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Flexibility! Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device!

  • Easy to use for the day-to-day operation
  • Compatible with Windows, Android and iPhone.
  • Accept cash, checks, credit cards or even multiple payment types on any transaction.
Inventory management

Manage Inventory

  • Manages item pricing with the ability to offer discounts
  • Online stock management for your growing business!
  • Maintain your inventory data and quantities in store

SMS Alerts on Orders

  • Provide SMS notification for your customers order status
  • Send SMS to your customers for new deals and packages in your store
  • Deliver the best customer service anywhere, anytime!
SMS alert

Outstanding Business Reporting

  • Convenient way to record all your income
  • Abundant reporting at your fingertips
  • Report on your sales by salesperson or by item

Deepslice Case Study

Goal Solutions Benefits
Reduce employee errors when taking orders Innovative Point Of Sales System Faster Service
Utilize customer data for effective marketing campaigns iPhone and Android Apps for Customers Increased customer spend
Reduce waste through inventory tracking Web Based ordering and inventory management Increased staff productivity
Optimize processes across the business SMS Gateway for promotional campaigns and customer alerts Increased customer satisfaction



Deepslice Pizza is a new & innovative retail pizza store operation based on new technology which makes their unique approach to their competitors. Deepslice, before starting their business realized that to “stand out from the crowd”, the use of technology would provide them a competitive advantage, not only for their company owned stores, but for their future franchise.

The Challenge

Deepslice has a multitude of competitors within the fast food industry and wanted to “stand out from the crowd”, both to open their own stores and also to attract franchise. Deepslice realized that to differentiate themselves, the following would be required:

  • The best customer service
  • The best quality of ingredients
  • Minimize overheads and errors, whilst increasing productivity.
  • Maximize their marketing presence to their customers

Deepslice realized that to do the above, they would need to introduce the latest technology in the following areas:

  • Point of Sale
  • Mobile Apps
  • Website Ordering
  • SMS Marketing

Deepslice reviewed a number of suppliers and their technology before deciding on IT Company Australia as the supplier with the best solution to achieve their goals.


IT Company Australia implemented our POSCP Point of Sale software for Deepslice. POSCP provided the following:

  • Touch screen, cloud based Point Of Sale system that includes:
  • Order entry screen
  • Delivery screen
  • Kitchen screen
  • Customer Screen
  • Inventory management (including forward orders)
  • Staff management (including drivers)
  • Creation and receipt of specials coupons
  • Cooking time view
  • Reverse lookup on incoming calls with history of previous purchases.
  • iPhone and Android mobile apps for customers to place orders
  • Website Ordering for customers to place orders
  • SMS Gateway for outbound promotions to customers and also to alert customers of expected delivery time, or notification that their order is ready to be picked up
  • Online management view of all aspects of the store via a browser

In addition to the technology, IT Company Australia also provided Train the Trainer training for current management and staff to ensure that as new employees came onboard, they were able to be trained internally.


By introducing POSCP, Deepslice have realized the following benefits:

  • Store employees spend less time on the phone taking orders and more time at the work counter or servicing customers
  • A dramatic reduction of mistakes in order-taking, thus reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Identification, through customer purchase history, of when and what to order (peak vs trough days)
  • Ability to provide instantaneous outbound specials on the most popular items to minimize slow days or to reduce overstocked product
  • Online Management allows for a 24/7 view of the store by management.
  • Customers can plan ahead for dinner or parties by ordering well in advance

“By implementing POSCP, we here at Deepslice have managed to reduce our overheads significantly and our customers have never been happier!” Owner – Deepslice

IT Company Australia – Enabling our customers to meet their business objectives

At IT Company Australia we have a long history of enabling our customers to meet their business objectives through provide solutions which utilize technology.

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Web Design versus Web Maintenance, is there a difference?

Simple answer, Yes!. In website design you start from your initial idea and begin with deciding on font for your web page content, colors, images for products and advertising, themes, page layout etc. which is where our expert designers are here to help you and also recommend the best User Experience (how the user will use your website). Website maintenance is to changing or editing of some or all of the content of a web page, changing links or e-mail addresses, adding new menu items or simply adding a new image.

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Can I update my website myself?

Yes, you can update your website yourself. We will provide you the tools so that you have control. You can change content, images and navigation on the site. For e-commerce or database driven website tools will give you a management console where you can make the changes in content of the web pages or update your product offering, prices etc.

Is it necessary to update my website regularly?

It is not necessary, but by updating your site on a regular basis, this will ensure that your ranking in the search engine is raised when a user is searching for your offering.

If you perform the website updates, how long will it take?

It depends on how many updates are required and when you need them to be done. Time frames and hourly rates will be included with your quote. All work is done subject to a service level agreement.

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