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With every domain, registered anywhere, use our powerful Free DNS Service!

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Free DNS Management Service

IT Company Australia provides reliable DNS Services free to top level domains and Australian Domain Name for both business and personal use. DNS service supports static and Dynamic IP addresses with IPV4 or IPV6 that means you can confidently run your own website, ftp, or email servers via DSL, Cable Modem lines with static or dynamic IP.

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Maintain an online presence

  • Free DNS (Domain Name Services) hosting ensures that your domain is visible on the Internet
  • Secondary DNS backup ensures that your website is always available
  • IT Company Australia delivers fast and secure Free DNS Hosting to test our services for absolutely free
  • Free DNS hosting will improve the speed of your website
Online Presence
Free DNS

Free DNS is for every domain name

  • If your domain registrar does not provide DNS hosting, free DNS can be used to host freshly registered domains
  • Free DNS can be used as a DNS for an existing website
  • When you move your domain to a new location, Free DNS can help safeguard your DNS service
  • You can use dynamic IP and our Free DNS support Dynamic IPs too
  • IT Company Australia's Free DNS is available to all third-party domain owners
  • Simply enter your domain name to use free DNS hosting

Is the Free DNS Service appropriate for me?

  • Free DNS Service with Dynamic DNS protects your DNS hosting
  • It ensures your website's availability even when the internet is down
  • Dynamic DNS offers improved accessibility and ensures efficiency
  • Instead of risking an IP address conflict, you may have many addresses that can all be utilized at the same time

Premium DNS Service

  • Our premium DNS servers cover 4 different geographical locations in the Word
  • 100% uptime grantee for our premium DNS service
  • Allow you to customize any type of DNS record
  • Lowest latency and maximum security for your DNS zones

New to DNS Hosting?

If you are new to DNS and don't know how to create it, no problem, our help section will guide you through the whole setup process. You can also follow below snapshots for Free DNS Management, it is easy to setup DNS at $COMPANYNAME.

Please use the following DNS Servers with your domain name


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WHY host with IT Company Australia?

Unlike other companies, IT Company Australia offers a free DNS solution for all domains registered with us or any other company. To offer you with the finest possible service, IT Company Australia employs high-performance systems and cutting-edge technology. When you pick IT Company for FreeDNS hosting or PremiumDNS hosting, you can expect the best DNS hosting available. We are so sure in this that we hope you will pick us as your domain registrar in the future. A complete solution to boost your website’s performance!

How do I set up Free DNS Service?

Our Free DNS service instructions are provided here and you can follow step by step instructions to use our Free DNS Service.

How many DNS records, I can create in Free DNS Service?

Only 10 DNS Records are allowed in Free DNS Hosting which comprise of 4 A Records, 1 AAA Record, 2 MX Records, 2 TXT or SPF and 1 CNAME Record.

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