The Digital Transformation we can expect to see in 2021

Even in this world pandemic in 2020, we were still able to prove that we all can work from home and can achieve our objectives.

2021 is here and we can see very promising products to head our way. Following are the few devices and products that we can expect in 2021;


After the release of the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2 last year, Samsung is already up to third generation of foldable smartphones.

Other manufacturers like Apple are already ready to dive into the foldable market this year. According to reports, two foldable iPhone prototypes have already passed internal durability tests.

But it is quite expected that in 2022, we will possibly see a foldable iPhone or iPad device.


It is expected that in 2021, folding screens technology will be implemented in laptops as well. Isn’t it cool?

Lenovo has already showed they’re its X1 Fold which is basically a 13.3-inch tablet that bends in half to be used as a laptop.

Similarly, other companies will develop such devices as well that will have a keyboard and trackpad on the lower half and screen up top so, that users can connect to each other virtually.

  • M1 iMAC

Apple’s iMac with the M1 chip that is coming in 2021.

We have heard persistent rumours that Apple will release a redesigned iMac and it will also have the M1 processor under the hood.

So, we can totally imagine the improvement the M1 will bring with the iMac.

  • MORE 5G

The rollout of the 5G networks grew significantly in 2020 and the networks will near completion in 2021 in most of the major cities of Australia.

Customers who invested in a 5G device in 2020 will be able to enjoy the early adoption even more as the speed and capacity of 5G becomes accessible in more parts of the country.

In 2021, all of the flagship and upper mid-tier phones released will have 5G compatibility.

After the launch of Apple’s iPhone 12 which is the first 5G-compatible smartphone, 5G received a huge boost of awareness among customers.


It is true that Covid-19 has completely changed our lifestyle and has affected our enterprise solutions and work as well.

In 2021, it is expected that new technology will make the picture and audio quality even better to enhance the in-home experience.

8K will become even more ordinary as more 8K content becomes available on streaming, gaming and broadcast.


We are already using a lot of digital devices. But, in 2021 it is likely possible that smart home devices will be increased dramatically.

In 2021, smart home products will also be more affordable and further increase the connectivity as API Integrations allow them to connect to many devices be it web or mobile devices.

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