New Features in Edge Chromium 88

The most recent update for Edge Chromium, version 88, has brought so many new useful features for Windows and macOS versions of the browser. 

The amazing new features include new password security tools, an updated look, and several quality-of-life enhancements.  

Let’s find out more about these features and how to use it. 

Password generator and security tools 

Edge 88’s update includes two password features. The first one is a randomized password generator that automatically creates a password when a new account is created, or an existing account is being updated. It also saves the password and when you need it again, it auto-fills it. 

Second password tool is automated data breach monitoring that is the biggest security monitoring feature included in this update. Edge security tool conducts a cross-reference based on the saved login information and notifies the user if there is a chance that account is being compromised. 

 The usage of both features is quite easy. All you must do is to sign into Edge with a Microsoft account and turn on Password Syncing under Settings > Profile > Sync > Passwords. to enable the password generator. That’s’ it! 

“Offer to save password” option will remember your password and whenever you will input a new password, Edge will offer to create it for you.  

Sleeping tabs 

With this feature all users can now set inactive tabs to “go to sleep” after a specified time. Edge will stop checking sleeping tabs in the background, which frees up your PC’s memory and CPU to be used elsewhere.  

Users can configure the setting in Settings > System > Save resources. You can choose the time duration to set based on your will and you will get notifications about it as well.  

Sidebar search 

Yet another useful feature, users can now search the web without opening a new tab or leaving the current page. All you must do is to highlight a word, then right-click > Search and you will see al search results in a sidebar.  

New looks 

Any device or application is not complete without its interface. In this update Edge 88 has also changed the browser’s appearance and has included new “Fluent Design” interface icons. 

These icons match Microsoft’s other products and offers over 24 new browser themes which you can use to personalize your Edge look.  

Other latest features 

Some of the tweaks which were limited to certain platforms are now available for desktop version. Such as.  

  • Now the new tab page shows incoming emails from user’s Outlook account. 
  • Cross-device history and tab syncing are available for all users. 
  • Automatic Profile Switching is available on Mac as well. 

Hope these details would help you understand new features and it’s usage. 

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