Mobile Chrome introduced a grid layout for tabs

You can now preview a page in Chrome for Android until it completely opens. 

The most recent big Chrome update added a grid style for tabs as well as the ability to group them. On Android, a small Chrome update today allows you to preview a page before completely opening it. 

A “Preview page” feature has been added to the context menu that appears while long pressing links. Tap, which appears between “Open in incognito tab” and “Copy connection address,” slides up a sheet for the page in question that occupies the majority of your screen but cannot be extended any further. 

The site’s favicon, page name, and domain are all shown in a top bar, along with a button to open in a new browser (as part of groups). You can close it by swiping down on the pull tab or pressing the ‘x’ in the top-right corner. 

This feature is surprisingly useful for some users, particularly given how tabs open these days. It helps you to think whether anything is worth committing to a community and makes you more careful about handling open pages and queues. 

Earlier today, a server-side update will bring the latest “Preview tab” feature to Chrome 89 for Android. This feature has been in the works for over two years, and it’s finally ready for prime time on the stable channel. 

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