Why and How Google Data Should be Backed up?

Why should you back up all your Google Data? 

Google stores all your information. If they malfunction, as they did with Gmail a few years ago, you might lose access to your data for a few days or even permanently. In order to have higher reliability and secure your information Yes, you should conduct backups if you’re using Google Drive as a Dropbox alternative. 

How to Back up all your Google Data? 

Let’s begin step by step, as Google data includes a lot of sites. 

  • Google Drive: 

To back up Google Drive data, simply use Google’s Backup and Sync app for this. When you install it, it creates a folder on your desktop or laptop and copies everything from your Google Drive. Any changes you make to the desktop folder are immediately synced to the cloud, and vice versa. 

The only drawback to this strategy is that Google “documents” created in your synchronized folder — your Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and so on — are stored on your device as hyperlinks rather than local documents. To back them up, go to your Google Drive account on the internet, pick them (which you can do in bulk), right-click, and choose “Download.” 

  • Chrome Bookmarks: 

If you’re syncing your Chrome bookmarks from Google and the company closes your account, I’m not sure what will happen to your bookmarks. I’d say they’re still there in your browser, the root of the sync — but it’s never a bad idea to check your bookmark manager (chrome:/bookmarks/ in your address bar). In the upper-right corner, press the triple-dot button to do this, go to “Bookmarks” and pick “Export bookmarks.” 

  • Gmail: 

It’s a quick one: Link your preferred email client to your Gmail account (using IMAP, not POP3). Your desktop client will almost always have a way to backup or export anything in your different folders after you’ve downloaded your email. 

If you do so, you’ll be doubly safe: you’ll have all of your emails on your desktop or laptop, plus a backup folder that you can re-import into any email client if anything goes wrong. 

Just remember to update your web app and sync your Gmail account from time to time. Furthermore, both Windows and Mac have excellent tools for scheduling app launches, so you might set up a schedule that launches your email app every day at noon, for example. 

It should automatically merge your addresses, and you should be all set. And if you run your email client manually (inconsistently), you’ll still have a backup of a significant portion of your old-to-super-old emails. 

  • Google Play Apps, Games and more: 

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to retrieve all your apps that you have purchased from Google Play if your account is deleted by Google. 

Although it’s likely that you’ll still be able to access the apps and games on your Android, you’ll be restricted to the version that existed before your account was deleted. You won’t be able to update them unless you have a Google Play store account. 

Don’t upset Google if you’ve purchased a couple of items from Google Play and don’t want to miss access to them. Don’t do something about your Google accounts that would make Google say, “hmm,” as it hovers its mighty hand over the account’s “Delete” key. 

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Mobile Chrome introduced a grid layout for tabs

You can now preview a page in Chrome for Android until it completely opens. 

The most recent big Chrome update added a grid style for tabs as well as the ability to group them. On Android, a small Chrome update today allows you to preview a page before completely opening it. 

A “Preview page” feature has been added to the context menu that appears while long pressing links. Tap, which appears between “Open in incognito tab” and “Copy connection address,” slides up a sheet for the page in question that occupies the majority of your screen but cannot be extended any further. 

The site’s favicon, page name, and domain are all shown in a top bar, along with a button to open in a new browser (as part of groups). You can close it by swiping down on the pull tab or pressing the ‘x’ in the top-right corner. 

This feature is surprisingly useful for some users, particularly given how tabs open these days. It helps you to think whether anything is worth committing to a community and makes you more careful about handling open pages and queues. 

Earlier today, a server-side update will bring the latest “Preview tab” feature to Chrome 89 for Android. This feature has been in the works for over two years, and it’s finally ready for prime time on the stable channel. 

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People are taking an interest in the latest trends and using their mobile devices to access all types of information on a daily basis. 

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IT’s NEW! iPad Pro mini with 8.9-inch display, Face ID, and USB-C – 9to5Mac


In May of 2020, dependable Apple investigator Ming-Chi Kuo detailed that Apple would discharge an iPad scaled down that’s between 8.5 inches and 9 inches amid the primary half of 2021.

At the time, Kuo didn’t offer any points of interest on the revived iPad mini’s plan, instep saying that the offering focuses would be “the reasonable cost tag and the selection of quick chips.”

As a follow-up, Macotakara detailed in January that an iPad smaller than expected can be discharged as before long as this month.

This report specify, that the iPad mini will retain bezels on the top and home button and Touch ID, plus Lightning connectivity on the bottom.

Many individuals have been calling on Apple to discharge a present day form of the iPad smaller than expected, with the same about bezel-less plan that we’ve seen on the iPad Master and iPad Discuss 4.

This may too bring Confront ID to the iPad smaller than expected, or move Touch ID to the control button.

Today’s report came as portion of a brief post on a Korean web journal Naver and proposed that the “iPad scaled down Pro” is currently in development and could come as soon as “in the second half of the year.”


Unused concept renders nowadays from Apple envision an iPad Professional smaller than expected with an 8.9-inch show and a plan about indistinguishable to the iPad Professional.

This incorporates level edges, thin bezels around the show, Confront ID, and USB-C network on the bottom. What do you think of the plausibility of an iPad scaled down Master?

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The pros and cons of new updated WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp being the most used application nowadays, whether for personal communication or for business. Below are few of the most important pros and cons that you should know before deciding to use WhatsApp Business. 

As we know that WhatsApp recently announced about latest updates in its privacy policy. This news has raised so many questions about the privacy of user data and how the platform is going to use it which led to people to consider other communication options such as Signal and Telegram.  

Why consider WhatsApp Business? 

  • Popularity 

WhatsApp is one of the well-established platforms that has over 2 billion active users and around 50 million users on its Business account. Considering the popularity of WhatsApp, it’s a plus point for all businesses who are considering choosing WhatsApp Business, as your users are already familiar with this platform. Hence, it will save a lot of time and will give hassle free experience to your users. 

  • User friendly interface 

WhatsApp Business also have user friendly interface just like the normal WhatsApp which menas that it will be a lot easier to handle it. Apart from this, the platform is intuitive, which means fewer mishaps for your business.  

  • Virtual phone number 

Android and iPhone allow you to use WhatsApp Business with a virtual number; ideally for those who have concerns while sharing their number with WhatsApp.  

  • Free 

Considering WhatsApp’s global reach, it is a little surprising that both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business are still free. Even though it also offers additional features such as voice recordings and video calls. 

Why should you think twice before using WhatsApp Business? 

  • Security and privacy concerns 

Many companies across the world are using WhatsApp Business even though there are several restrictions, responsibilities and risks involved, especially for larger organizations because of privacy regulations or other regulatory requirements in their specific industry. 

Especially with its recent update now you’ll agree to the terms that your information will be shared across Facebook, “not possible to opt out of these data practices.”  

  • You cannot use WhatsApp Business in regulated industries 

According to WhatsApp Business’ Terms of Service “we make no representations or warranties that our Business Services meet the needs of entities regulated by laws and regulations with heightened confidentiality requirements for personal data, such as healthcare, financial, or legal service entities.” 

  • WhatsApp Business cannot be used within or across organizations 

WhatsApp Business can only be used as a potential sales tool or as a medium of communication between a business and its customers.  

  • A lack of work/life divide 

Now we have all learned to work remotely, the work/life balance is a real struggle without a daily commute and change of scenery to help us have a balance in our lives. Communications channels don’t offer this, and any one given business might use multiple mediums such as phone calls, email, Slack, video call, and WhatsApp to communicate between teams.  

Now it feels like the perfect time for messaging apps to lead by example and offer communication mediums that caters to user’s privacy concerns and are eager to provide accountable solutions, in policy and in practice. 

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What to expect in New Version of Microsoft- 2021?

New year always come up with latest updates! Dark mode is the new trend in the Tech World. 

Microsoft Office 2021 is on its way and is expected to have installed a dark mode in it. 

The tech giant will just prefer that all business and users simply subscribe to Microsoft 365, pay a small monthly or annual fee, and get new features and fixes as they’re rolled out. 

We all know that for many users not particularly Office users prefers subscription-based service as it is more convenient and a simple way to get Office. Even for those users who wants to use it as locally installed software. Instead of working on a separate browser or in cloud, but that’s a choice. 

For rest of the people like us—and for those especially who don’t want to put up with the complicated procedures compulsory to install Microsoft Office 365 apps on Remote Desktop Servers. 

Right now, there is Office 2019 and later during this year Office 2021 will be rolling out. Further, a new Office LTSC (Long Term Service Channel) will also be introduced, which will cause a 10 percent price hike but for a guarantee of longer support periods…well, when there is quality, price is not usually a problem- at least for some. Support will be longer than the consumer version of Office 2021. 

The “Long Term Service Channel” version of Office 2021 will have a shorter support life cycle than that enjoyed by previous versions of Office I.e., Office 2019. Office 2019 had a seven-year support window—Office 2021 LTSC will only offer five.  

So far, it is observed and expected that the newest version Office 2021 is focusing more on visual updates. Its apps are going to include a new Dark Mode for those who prefer light text on a dark background. 

Excel is also scheduled to get a few improvements ported in from Office 365, including dynamic arrays and xlookup.  

So far, the screenshots that have been rolling out on the internet, we don’t seem to find much difference in the latest version, but unspecified accessibility improvements are on the way as well. 

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