Major victory for notebooks.

Shipments of notebooks increased by 12.4% to 65.8 million units in 2020 and is not slowing down.

The pandemic COVID-19 was a ‘big victory’ for the Asia Pacific notebooks and Lenovo led the pack.

An analyst company IDC’s study, the number of notebook shipments increased by 12.4% to 65.8 million units, supplied by high demand in 2020, driven by domestic and virtual learning.

Due to supply problems, the PC industry in general floated during the pandemic and grew to 103.8 million Units at just 0.3% year-on-year.

China’s Lenovo seller led the market, taking a 30% share, followed by HP with 14% and Dell with 13%.

In the consumer market, Lenovo has seen shipment growth of 2.4% and almost 20%.

However, the industrial sector suffered from a fall in demand for desktops.

Lenovo’s growth in sales of commercial notebooks in 2020 was driven by small to medium-sized enterprises and education sectors.

In the meantime, shipments of HP declined by 4.1%, as did imports for Dell which dropped by 5.2% as a result of declining desktop demand.

Nevertheless, IDC anticipates that in 2021 the number of shipments will rise by 8%, as high demand continues as supply deficit falls, leads to stock filling.

Consumer & Education sectors

These sectors will continue to play a leading role in the growth of APAC’s computer market with households likely to invest technology without international travel, the analyst says.

Lenovo unveils new devices in the ThinkPad family led by the ThinkPad X1  Titanium Yoga

On the market, ongoing training programmes are planned, with governments continuing to invest in hybrid learning environments.

These limitations are likely to continue to push technology costs for businesses and customers, despite the vaccination initiatives underway by the COVID-19,” said Maciek Gornicki, IDC Asia/Senior Pacific’s Research Director of Customer Device Research.

The company’s growth forecast for APAC notebook shipments follows the estimate that IDC’s typical global PC shipments.

defined as desktops, notebooks and workstations without detachable and slate tablets – will increase this year by 18.2% to 357.4 million units.

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