Google Adds Clickable Hashtags to Discover Feed

Google is adding clickable hashtags feature in its Discover Feed. Google is still testing this new addition, however stories featured on the Discover tab inside the Google Android app currently include related hashtags for some. 

This feature has made searching for more news much easier. Google Android app currently include related hashtags for some. You can search different latest news by simply using hashtags for Android as well as, from your iPhone. 

A story about eye-tracking functionality on OLED TVs, for example, includes #OLEDTV underneath the headline and article blurb.  

An iPhone story includes #iPhone, #Apple, and #iOS. Clicking on any of the hashtags takes you to more news stories about that topic by simply using hashtags. 

Discover is not an option on the Google iOS app, and the hashtags did not appear on via Safari or Chrome for iOS. 

Unveiled in 2017, and rebranded a year later, Google Discover is a curated feed meant to “help you uncover fresh and interesting content about things that matter to you.” 

According to 9to5Google it is still unclear whether this is an actual test for an upcoming feature or just a glitch. But Google already quietly added hashtags to its YouTube titles on both the web and mobile browsers. So, that can’t be false news. Right? 

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