New Security Certificate implemented on IT Company

IT Company has introduced a new feature to their online services and solutions. It is designed to give more confidence and trust to the users while using their service.

How does it Work?

Our site has extended its validation or Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer (for short EVSSL), which means that our site has undergone many strict and rigid checks and now has been confirmed as a valid and genuine website. That is why our site has been provided the ‘certificate of authenticity’ and can be viewed through the green address bar in the browser. The address bar displays a ‘traffic light’ style response in three colors green, red or amber.

What will you see?

Mostly the browsers identify the certificate of authenticity, but the way of displaying this validation varies in different browsers. The users running Mozilla, Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8(IE7 and IE8), will see the validation in the traffic light responses within their address bar:

  • The websites which are valid and recognised as authenticated will display a GREEN address bar and a pad lock symbol. Its a proof that they have the certificate of authentication and legal website provider. As shown below.
  • The websites whose validity is a bit doubtful will display in AMBER colour in the address bar and the padlock icon will not be displayed for such sites.
  • The websites whose identity is not genuine and is found as fraudulent , spamming and phishing site, or they are identified as expired will display in RED colour in the address bar.

If the users are running the old versions of Internet explorer, fire fox and Google chrome then they will only see their standard address bar. No ‘traffic light, notification will be given but the authenticated website will display the symbol of padlock in the address bar. The other browsers which are not mentioned above will also see the standard address and no ‘traffic light’. It is therefore recommended that you upgrade your browsers from your browser provider service.

However IT Company has designed this security certificate for the confidence of the users to make them assure that the services they find in this site are genuine and valid.

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