Why IT Consultant Is The Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Are you thinking about switching your website to a new host because of slow website loading and outdated technology? If you are a newly established business it is a cumbersome task due to lack of IT support. And knowledge about migrating your website to a best WordPress hosting.

IT consultants can provide all sorts of IT Solutions and can create and maintain your website. Without you being worried about its updates and security. With our WordPress hosting you don’t have to worry about loading speed of your website. Our latest technology and updates will ensure that you receive the performance that you desire.

IT Company’s best WordPress hosting offer plans that are affordable and reliable. These include developer tools, security features, automated updates, immediate activation, optimized WordPress storage and one-click installation.

Now, we know which company we should opt for Fully managed WordPress Hosting, but what are the steps if we want to migrate our website to a new WordPress Host.

Let’s dive in to the brief steps that will help you to understand the process of how to migrate a WordPress website to a new host.

Step 1: New WordPress web host

First, we need to choose a new WordPress web host, our aim should be to choose best WordPress Hosting services. There are many web hosting companies available in the tech industry, research well and choose the fastest web hosting services that will make your life easier.

It is essential to know very well what you actually want, list down your needs and expectations, this will make your task of find the best WordPress hosting service provider much easier.

WordPress hosting is best for website with moderate traffic and is suitable for businesses who are looking for simple and manageable hosting platform.

Step 2: Install and Setup the Plugin

After you’ve researched well and have chosen a managed WordPress hosting and have transferred your WordPress website to that new host. Next step is to install a plugin and do no install a WordPress yet without installing a plugin. There are several plugins available, choose the one that best fits your requirements, such as, WP Migrate DB, Duplicator, Vault Press etc.

Step 3: Import your WordPress website

After downloading a plugin, you need to import your WordPress website and for that you need to download the ‘Archive’ and ‘Installer’ files, and transfer these files to the new host. IT consultants can provide you this assistance, and you can do this process with our FTP client servers base as well.

Step 4: Modify the Hosts files

Once you have uploaded the all the files to your new web host, now you have to execute “installer.php” file. You have to set your domain name which you can easily register with IT Company as we provide simple steps to minimize the whole process of migrating to a Fully Managed WordPress hosting.

Step 5: Create Database

It is essential to create a database on your new web host before running the installer. IT consultant will be creating a My SQL database for your assistance

Step 6: Update Domain Name Records

This is one of the most important steps and require attention to update your DNS records on your new host. In order to point new name, you will have to update your DNS name server records.

Congratulations! With these steps you have successfully migrated your WordPress website to a new host.

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