The latest Microsoft Teams upgrade will prevent your cloud storage from becoming overburdened

Since Microsoft introduced its auto record function last month, remembering what was said in a Microsoft Teams meeting has gotten a lot easier, but recording many sessions each day may take up a lot of data. 

This is why, according to a recent Microsoft 365 roadmap update, the software giant is working on a new feature that would prevent recorded Teams meetings from taking up all of your cloud storage space. 

It’s worth mentioning that not all meetings in Microsoft’s video conferencing software are automatically recorded; this function, according to a support page, must be enabled via an administrator setting. Because auto recording was added to Teams for businesses who need to record meeting interactions to comply with industry requirements or local legislation, this is the case. 

Auto-expiration of meeting recordings 

Microsoft unveiled a new feature that would allow Teams admins to set meeting recordings stored on OneDrive and SharePoint to expire automatically in its latest update to the Microsoft 365 roadmap. 

When this feature is released in September, a default Teams policy option will erase meeting recordings stored in OneDrive or SharePoint after a specified period of time. Teams’ admins, on the other hand, will be able to change the default meeting recording expiration time via a setting in the Teams Admin Portal or by editing policy attributes using PowerShell scripts. 

Meeting recordings will be automatically destroyed after they reach their expiration date in the future, unless the meeting owner chooses to extend it. Microsoft will alert meeting organizers before a recording expires, so they won’t have to worry about losing their records. 

High-resolution video recordings of meetings may take up a lot of room in a company’s cloud storage, but with this new option,¬†organizations¬†will be able to keep their freshly recorded meetings without having to worry about having too many recordings of earlier meetings online.¬†

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