How to Protect your Data from Ransomware Hacking

The Ransomware is becoming common day by day, When Hackers can target FedEx and UK’s National health Services then the small or medium enterprises are nothing to them. Before discussing the remedies lets discuss the problem first for those who are not aware of this.  

There are many types of malware or malicious software that can easily harm your data, as they use encryption to hold your data and Ransomware is one of them. The organizations of all sizes especially SME’s can easily lose their sensitive data and/or system as it is a form of malware which targets both human and technical weaknesses with only one click. 

Ransomware is one of many types of malware or malicious software that uses encryption to hold your data for ransom. It is a form of malware that often targets both human and technical weaknesses by attempting to deny an organization the availability of its most sensitive data and/or systems. 

The common way of attack is that malware generally shows up an email with an attachment or with a hyperlink. When you will click on the hyperlink or when you open the attachment, the program will run and encrypt your files and documents of your computer, so that the user cant access them and a dialog box will pop up on you window containing the following message  â€śSurprise! your files have been encrypted, you have to make the payment of $1000 (or more) if you want to recover or save your data.” Cybersecurity specialists caution that paying the payment doesn’t guarantee a fix. After all you are dealing with criminals. 

So, IT Company is sharing the tips which you can do today to protect yourself. 

  1. Never open any suspicious email attachments and no need to download any app (always read reviews before installing any app in your system) or never ever click on suspicious links. 
  1. To check the ransomware, you can easily scan your files by using Antivirus Programs. Make use of them before downloading. 
  1. Ensure that your organization has reliable anti-hacking cybersecurity software in place.  
  1. Last but not the Least, do not forget to Back up your files on daily basis, always keep the backup files in some external hard drive or you can use cloud backup storage, so you won’t lose any information in case of attack. 

Understanding and keeping in view the sensitivity of such issue’s IT Company is providing Hassle free cloud Backup storage, which is automatic, secure and affordable. Cloud Storage/ Backup is a new remote technology that enables you to store data, such as files, photographs and other important documents. It doesn’t use any space on your local server because of remote technology. You can even access it from any operating system from anywhere, at any time. You can even share your data with other users through a joint account. 

So, if your system got affected by Ransomware then you don’t need to get worry for the loss of data because IT Company has strived to make their solution the easiest way to backup, store and share your files online. We use only the most reliable, fastest, and highly secure data centers to store your data. It runs silently in the background, backing up and uploading your data automatically. 

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