What is the ‘Heartbleed’ bug?

We fear for the privacy of millions of internet users this week after computer bug dubbed heartbleed. It allows hackers to access passwords and other private information – was revealed by security experts. But should we be as worried about this bug as its name suggests?

Do you know what is heartbleed?

The heartbleed bug affects OpenSSL, a cryptographic library which crawls sensitive information as it moves to and from the computer servers.

We sue this software for protecting passwords, credit card numbers and other private data online.

OpenSSL is used by the majority of internet servers and can be identified by a padlock icon which appears on users’ screens. Continue reading What is the ‘Heartbleed’ bug?

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The OneDrive

OneDrive is the new name of Microsoft’s online storage offering that up until now has been known as SkyDrive. According to Microsoft, the new name “OneDrive”.
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What is a logo & how to use it?

A Logo is a graphic design or image that represents or symbolizes a company, business or organization. A Logo is the trademark of a company, brand recognition of a company. A company or business can easily be recognized through their logos. Different companies design their logos related to their products, so that people may get to know about their business, services on viewing the logo. Now a day’s many logos have become an emblem of recognition for their company. e.g. Nike, MacDonald’s, Coca-Cola, IBM. People quickly recognize these things even on hearing these names.

Today in this fast world, where everything is passing quickly, no one has enough time to sit and think about the ideas that how can they impress their customers. So they believe simplicity the better way of impressing. Continue reading What is a logo & how to use it?

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