Google Improvements to Search Console

Google floats two improvements to search console designed reports in a more appropriate manner for site owners.

 It has two new features designed to improve the efficiency of data analysis reports.

Website owners can now use these filter data through regular expressions (regex).

Regex Membranes

Search Console reports now support regular expressions, which will help create more complex queries and page-based membranes

Google explains how the new features support regular expressions which enable’s website owners to capture more query data:

“For example, suppose your company is called “Cats and Dogs”. You can use regular expression filters to define regular expression filters. Capture all brand queries: cats and dogs | cats and dogs | c&d.”

To create your new expression membrane, first create a query or page filter, then select the drop-down menu and select “Custom.”

Google Launches 2 Improvements to Search Console Reports

 The update of the Search Console performance report help page records the following about the use of regular expression membranes:

  • Search Console defaults to partial matching, which means that the regular expression can match any position in the target string, unless it contains the characters ^ or $, respectively, which requires matching from the beginning or end of the string, respectively.
  • The report defaults to case-sensitive matching. For case-insensitive matching, the website owner can specify “(?i)” at the beginning of the regular expression string. Example: (?i) https
  • Invalid regular expression syntax will not return any matches.

Finally, Google may sometimes not provide queries and pages to protect user privacy and due to storage restrictions.

In this case, Google will display a reminder when the relevant filter is applied to the query or page.

Remodel Comparison Process

Site owners use the comparison mode in Search Console to answer comparison-based questions.

The improved comparison mode now supports the selection of multiple indicators.

The interface improvements almost doubled the usable area of ​​the data table, making it easier to view the results side by side.

Search Console’s improved comparison mode also supports  expression filters for queries and pages.

 Only one filter can be applied to these metrics at a time. Adding a new comparison filter will replace the existing comparison.

These updates to Search Console are now available to all website owners.

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Google is restricting which applications to see anything that you have built

This change is going to be implemented by May 5th  

Google will soon make it more difficult for apps on the Play Store to see what that you’ve loaded (via XDA-Developers). As Ars Technica points out, the list of installed applications, as harmless as it can be, will reveal personal characteristics such as romantic interests and political affiliations to developers. 

As a result, beginning May 5th, 2021, developers will have to provide a compelling justification for Google to grant you access to that information. 

Apps that currently request the “QUERY ALL PACKAGES” permission on Android 11 will see the entire list of apps on your computer. However, Google recently revised its Developer Platform Rules, classifying the information as “internal and confidential user data,” limiting which applications to access it. 

Apps may only use the authorization after the move takes place in May if their “main user facing feature or intent” necessitates “wide visibility into installed apps on the user’s computer.” 

File managers, routers, and antivirus applications that use the data “for awareness or interoperability purposes” will be granted a pass “for protection related purposes.” Banking apps, digital wallet apps, and any other software that requires “financial activity functionality” will also be granted a pass. 

Apps who don’t have a compelling reason to request the approval can be excluded from the Google Play Store. Both developers who wish to retain the permission in their apps must fill out a declaration form explaining why they need it. 

If you’re afraid that developers will continue to violate the authorization, Google’s documentation makes it clear that it will prosecute infringing games, whether they’re exclusive to the Play Store or only changes to current ones. Ios may be suspended, and developer accounts may be terminated by Google. 

Google has always taken privacy terms into consideration and offer wide variety of applications to facilitate businesses and individuals. Google Apps is a hosted suite of Google software that lets you use your own domain name, as well as provide you with an email and communication environment that you can access from any browser, at any time. 

With your own domain name, you can personalize your email address. IT Company Australia offers the most dependable and best Gmail hosting service, with the added benefit of being able to switch to another service at any time without having to change your email address. 

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Major victory for notebooks.

Shipments of notebooks increased by 12.4% to 65.8 million units in 2020 and is not slowing down.

The pandemic COVID-19 was a ‘big victory’ for the Asia Pacific notebooks and Lenovo led the pack.

An analyst company IDC’s study, the number of notebook shipments increased by 12.4% to 65.8 million units, supplied by high demand in 2020, driven by domestic and virtual learning.

Due to supply problems, the PC industry in general floated during the pandemic and grew to 103.8 million Units at just 0.3% year-on-year.

China’s Lenovo seller led the market, taking a 30% share, followed by HP with 14% and Dell with 13%.

In the consumer market, Lenovo has seen shipment growth of 2.4% and almost 20%.

However, the industrial sector suffered from a fall in demand for desktops.

Lenovo’s growth in sales of commercial notebooks in 2020 was driven by small to medium-sized enterprises and education sectors.

In the meantime, shipments of HP declined by 4.1%, as did imports for Dell which dropped by 5.2% as a result of declining desktop demand.

Nevertheless, IDC anticipates that in 2021 the number of shipments will rise by 8%, as high demand continues as supply deficit falls, leads to stock filling.

Consumer & Education sectors

These sectors will continue to play a leading role in the growth of APAC’s computer market with households likely to invest technology without international travel, the analyst says.

Lenovo unveils new devices in the ThinkPad family led by the ThinkPad X1  Titanium Yoga

On the market, ongoing training programmes are planned, with governments continuing to invest in hybrid learning environments.

These limitations are likely to continue to push technology costs for businesses and customers, despite the vaccination initiatives underway by the COVID-19,” said Maciek Gornicki, IDC Asia/Senior Pacific’s Research Director of Customer Device Research.

The company’s growth forecast for APAC notebook shipments follows the estimate that IDC’s typical global PC shipments.

defined as desktops, notebooks and workstations without detachable and slate tablets – will increase this year by 18.2% to 357.4 million units.

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Why and How Google Data Should be Backed up?

Why should you back up all your Google Data? 

Google stores all your information. If they malfunction, as they did with Gmail a few years ago, you might lose access to your data for a few days or even permanently. In order to have higher reliability and secure your information Yes, you should conduct backups if you’re using Google Drive as a Dropbox alternative. 

How to Back up all your Google Data? 

Let’s begin step by step, as Google data includes a lot of sites. 

  • Google Drive: 

To back up Google Drive data, simply use Google’s Backup and Sync app for this. When you install it, it creates a folder on your desktop or laptop and copies everything from your Google Drive. Any changes you make to the desktop folder are immediately synced to the cloud, and vice versa. 

The only drawback to this strategy is that Google “documents” created in your synchronized folder — your Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and so on — are stored on your device as hyperlinks rather than local documents. To back them up, go to your Google Drive account on the internet, pick them (which you can do in bulk), right-click, and choose “Download.” 

  • Chrome Bookmarks: 

If you’re syncing your Chrome bookmarks from Google and the company closes your account, I’m not sure what will happen to your bookmarks. I’d say they’re still there in your browser, the root of the sync — but it’s never a bad idea to check your bookmark manager (chrome:/bookmarks/ in your address bar). In the upper-right corner, press the triple-dot button to do this, go to “Bookmarks” and pick “Export bookmarks.” 

  • Gmail: 

It’s a quick one: Link your preferred email client to your Gmail account (using IMAP, not POP3). Your desktop client will almost always have a way to backup or export anything in your different folders after you’ve downloaded your email. 

If you do so, you’ll be doubly safe: you’ll have all of your emails on your desktop or laptop, plus a backup folder that you can re-import into any email client if anything goes wrong. 

Just remember to update your web app and sync your Gmail account from time to time. Furthermore, both Windows and Mac have excellent tools for scheduling app launches, so you might set up a schedule that launches your email app every day at noon, for example. 

It should automatically merge your addresses, and you should be all set. And if you run your email client manually (inconsistently), you’ll still have a backup of a significant portion of your old-to-super-old emails. 

  • Google Play Apps, Games and more: 

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to retrieve all your apps that you have purchased from Google Play if your account is deleted by Google. 

Although it’s likely that you’ll still be able to access the apps and games on your Android, you’ll be restricted to the version that existed before your account was deleted. You won’t be able to update them unless you have a Google Play store account. 

Don’t upset Google if you’ve purchased a couple of items from Google Play and don’t want to miss access to them. Don’t do something about your Google accounts that would make Google say, “hmm,” as it hovers its mighty hand over the account’s “Delete” key. 

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Australian government urged to adopt global cyber security standards for cloud

New South Wales government has asked all local, federal and state governments to adopt internationally recognized cyber security standards for Cloud Services. 

The government has also advised all said governments to evaluate proposals or tender bids with careful consideration from companies that adopt cyber security. 

And also favorably evaluate proposals of those companies that are adopting other risk standards for telecommunications and the internet of things (IoT).  

The NSW cyber security made this recommendation along with several other suggestions mentioned in 16-page report issued by them. 

The recommendations for standards development and implementation have been separated into seven key areas: cloud, defence, education, energy, financial services, health and telco and IoT. 

The report particularly includes all relevant points related to cyber security. In the cloud area, the report urges governments to “adopt and leverage recognized ISO and/or IEC standards as baseline requirements for information security.

The report said that standards could be placed within “any regulatory frameworks or procurement models proposed in relation to cyber security”. 

The report also recommends that all businesses and governments should develop material that “clearly communicates any business benefits around that adoption of standards”. 

The report also points that international standards should be followed in the event that a principles-based approach is adopted. 

The report also highlights the standards around cyber security, including IoT security specifically, and risk management. 

All businesses should definitely follow the recommendations and incase looking for secured web hosting services then, IT Consultants are always available to provide best web hosting that is not only secure but fast as well. 

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