Why companies fail to pick the right cloud modernization partner

Success in modernizing IT Solutions through the cloud is driven by a complete standardization and automation strategy. 

Technological change is so rapid nowadays, even if the organization has made up its mind to change the technology, the sponsoring technology partner always face myriad of avenues to investigate it. 

Sponsoring technology managers are then left with a decision to make, either to buy a new technology or build one. 

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new, adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win. Enterprises that overlook modernization are sure to fail in fulfilling critical compliance and security problems thus, endangering both, their businesses and customers. Such vulnerabilities exist a lot over the internet and especially. website security is biggest concern among businesses. 

It is true that finding the right technology partner is a critical task, but there are several factors that can help organizations to make a profound decision, such as., 

Not just stay afloat, but also surge ahead: 

Senior technology managers always think ahead of the impact an initiative is going to have and try to find an optimum solution to a problem. 

  • By articulating an inefficiency, risk or opportunity in a technology strategy 
  • Ideated potential pathways forward (tactical remediation, acquisition of new tools, wider-scale technology transformation) 
  • Canvased opinions of senior managers in other organizations 
  • Taken meetings with software product representatives and service consultancies 
  • And, lastly defining the what, how and who of an appropriate end state 

Set Expectations:

  • By introducing consultants to internal delivery and operational personnel for discovery activities, expectations of collaboration 
  • Consultants listen to problems and validate potential future ways of operating 

Commitment of Senior Managers:

Sponsoring managers might find themselves sharing these expectations as they discuss emerging discovery outcomes with other functional leaders. This can also happen as they become associated with an on-trial supplier and strategic initiative. 

And with the financial year progressing and pressure mounting to make inroads on strategic priorities, sponsoring managers may forgive early signs of poor supplier alignment to create short-term momentum. 

These factors can contribute to ill-fitting technology supplier arrangements. These arrangements can erode the technology function’s business value due to poor definition, execution and solution adoption. 

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Why Microsoft Teams is Much Better Platform for Collaboration?

VOIP services are the new digital needs to any business! Microsoft Teams’ offers efficient ways, not only to communicate with your Teams and your customers, but outside your business world too, over 65 countries to spread it wide.

During world pandemic i.e. Covid-19, we all have moved to several platforms to collaborate with our teams.

Initially, Zoom became one of the popular platforms for conducting meetings, online classes, and workshops.

Many small or large businesses have been using Zoom and Slack for collaboration and have been able to manage their work efficiently. But does it really provide all the features that Microsoft Teams is offering?  I do not think so!

Slack’s features are quite easy to understand and is mostly used to chat with people. Zoom on the other hand became a very popular app among workers as allows smooth and reliable video chats.

Using Microsoft Teams is a bit bloated with lots of features that might not be used by owners. But, the task management feature, called as planner which enables us to organize our tasks.

Microsoft made their name in technology because of one word. Maybe it is oversimplifying a multi-billion-dollar company, but the word is integration.

Outlook is integrated with Word which is integrated with Teams. Microsoft Teams Integration is the unique feature that keeps us all connected and everything is just a click away.

As we all know about this pandemic (hope it ends soon), in this crucial time we need integration now more than ever.

If I can click once to start a meeting with 10 people instead of sending them the link, I’ll take it.

Google is the closest to Microsoft in terms of making it all work in a fluid and intuitive sense, but Google Meet is not even in the same league as of Teams. If only it were not so! I prefer Google Docs over the online version of Microsoft Word, and Gmail (as part of Google Workspace, which used to be called G-Suite) is much better than Microsoft Outlook, especially for those of us who never delete an email and rely on an inbox search every five seconds.

For now, easily starting a video chat (and adding a team) in Microsoft Teams and integration with Outlook for scheduling group chats is winning me over.

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Detecting compromised Microsoft 365 applications is about to become more easier

Recently new Security tools have been released for administrators by both CISA and CrowdStrike.

New PowerShell – based tool is released by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

This tool is smart enough to detect any compromised account or application in both Azure and Microsoft 365 environments.

This new tool was released right after Microsoft pointed out of how cybercriminals are misusing stolen credentials and getting access to Azure customers. This whole issue is discussed twice in recent blog posts earlier this month i.e. December 2020.

Azure admins can easily gain knowledge about how to spot anomalous behavior in their tenants.

Azure security tools

CISA’s advanced PowerShell-based tool is created by the Cloud Forensics team and is known as the “Sparrow”.

This tool itself can be used to simplify large sets of investigation modules and telemetry specifically in reference to recent attacks on federated identity sources and applications.

Sparrow is also able to check the unified Azure and Microsoft 365 audit log for indicators of compromise (IoCs). Also, to list Azure AD domains and to check Azure service principals and their Microsoft Graph API permissions in order to detect any potential malicious activity.

Other than Azure, CrowdStrike has also released free CrowdStrike Reporting Tool for Azure – CRT. It is released in order to help admins to have better control and to help them analyse the Azure environment in a more protective way.

If you want to operate in an environment that is secure and you want to store unlimited data then Cloud VPS Server is the best option available.

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Will DaaS Substitute VPNs in 2021?

Recently, Desktop-as-a-Service has become extremely popular in the tech world.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are being used since decades ago and they are still pretty much same that we used to have in Windows XP.

In future there’s a possibility that VPNs will finally go the way of other 1990s-era technology and retrocede into history. Why is that’s so? Well, the reason is that Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is growing popular, which is in turn allowing businesses to shift their dependence on VPNs.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a software-defined networking layer that separates the resources running on a private network, for instance as a company’s internal corporate network, from the public internet.

Virtual Private Networks offers many benefits;

  1. Ability to access resources on a local network from an offsite location
  2. VPNs offers encryption that ensures that nobody can eavesdrop on emails, voice conversations etc
  3. Provides security as most networks do not offer features to encrypt traffic by default
  4. Gives the ability to anonymize users’ identities
  5. Remote access and data encryption are provided in a business environment which is one of the most important benefits offered by VPNs

Drawbacks of VPNs:

  1. It is difficult to set up a VPN server as well as VPN client software and run it on the local network
  2. Configuring a VPN server that is secure as well as routes traffic efficiently is no simple task
  3. VPNs are not always secure and, in some cases, can be hacked which allows intruders to gain unauthorized access to private network resources

Keeping in mind the shortcomings of VPNs, and alternate method has been introduced by IT Consultants that is DaaS.

DaaS substitute to VPNs

When any business or enterprise migrates to DaaS, it substitutes its physical, on-premises workstations with virtual workstations that are hosted in the cloud. It is transformed into cloud-based desktop environments that can be accessed from anywhere, without using VPN. Only a Web browser is required to log in. Network communications are fully encrypted at the web browser level which is one of the major advantages that is offered by DaaS. That offers security between the cloud desktop and remote devices, which means that all communications are protected.

As we enter 2021, DaaS will be adopted and VPNs will be eliminated as they provide secure Cloud Virtual Servers environment.

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How to Protect your Data from Ransomware Hacking

The Ransomware is becoming common day by day, When Hackers can target FedEx and UK’s National health Services then the small or medium enterprises are nothing to them. Before discussing the remedies lets discuss the problem first for those who are not aware of this.  

There are many types of malware or malicious software that can easily harm your data, as they use encryption to hold your data and Ransomware is one of them. The organizations of all sizes especially SME’s can easily lose their sensitive data and/or system as it is a form of malware which targets both human and technical weaknesses with only one click. 

Ransomware is one of many types of malware or malicious software that uses encryption to hold your data for ransom. It is a form of malware that often targets both human and technical weaknesses by attempting to deny an organization the availability of its most sensitive data and/or systems. 

The common way of attack is that malware generally shows up an email with an attachment or with a hyperlink. When you will click on the hyperlink or when you open the attachment, the program will run and encrypt your files and documents of your computer, so that the user cant access them and a dialog box will pop up on you window containing the following message  â€śSurprise! your files have been encrypted, you have to make the payment of $1000 (or more) if you want to recover or save your data.” Cybersecurity specialists caution that paying the payment doesn’t guarantee a fix. After all you are dealing with criminals. 

So, IT Company is sharing the tips which you can do today to protect yourself. 

  1. Never open any suspicious email attachments and no need to download any app (always read reviews before installing any app in your system) or never ever click on suspicious links. 
  1. To check the ransomware, you can easily scan your files by using Antivirus Programs. Make use of them before downloading. 
  1. Ensure that your organization has reliable anti-hacking cybersecurity software in place.  
  1. Last but not the Least, do not forget to Back up your files on daily basis, always keep the backup files in some external hard drive or you can use cloud backup storage, so you won’t lose any information in case of attack. 

Understanding and keeping in view the sensitivity of such issue’s IT Company is providing Hassle free cloud Backup storage, which is automatic, secure and affordable. Cloud Storage/ Backup is a new remote technology that enables you to store data, such as files, photographs and other important documents. It doesn’t use any space on your local server because of remote technology. You can even access it from any operating system from anywhere, at any time. You can even share your data with other users through a joint account. 

So, if your system got affected by Ransomware then you don’t need to get worry for the loss of data because IT Company has strived to make their solution the easiest way to backup, store and share your files online. We use only the most reliable, fastest, and highly secure data centers to store your data. It runs silently in the background, backing up and uploading your data automatically. 

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