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Before videos are being uploaded all the copyright issues be informed to the creator

YouTube has rolled out a new method called “Checks” that informs a creator ahead about their video if it includes copyrighted content and complies with advertising standards.

This is an attempt to make the process of uploading a video and collecting ad revenue simpler.

Before Checks, creators uploaded their videos to YouTube and hoped everything went smoothly.

The new feature checks uploads for copyrighted material, which could result in takedowns or copyright holders demanding ad revenue, as well as if the video violates advertisement guidelines.

YouTube’s aim is to reduce the number of “yellow symbols” that creators see next to their videos, referring to the yellow dollar signs that indicate ad revenue is being kept due to copyright or guideline issues.

The new framework

When the copyright recognition system of YouTube discovers a breach of a video scan, the video will immediately be subject, according to the company, to the video rights holder policy.

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This could lead to the video either being completely blocked or the video being monetized by the rights holders.

If the Content ID matches the content in videos of the maker to another rights holder, YouTuber will be informed through checks of how it can be removed in advance.

Instead of going through a claim dispute which can affect the general publicity revenues a creator receives, videos can start to gain the second revenue.

But what happens when a claim to copyright is found, but the author doesn’t believe he’s wrong? YouTube allows producers to challenge the argument before it is published.

Because allegations take a few days until the conflict has been resolved, YouTubers may either wait until it has been resolved until it is published or publish the video waiting for the final result.

Creator Revenue

When the conflict shows that the creator does not use copyright material, that person earns ad revenues received during that period. If the disagreement is correct, the advertising revenue will be charged instead to the right holder.

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It is easier for developers to discover — and argue — arguments in advance. It is a part of the ongoing efforts of the organization to make it easier for creators to monetize their videos as fast and profitable as possible.

A new Creators Insider video focuses on other approaches, like walking creators on how metadata changes and tagging can impact income post publication.

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