Adobe help companies with third-party cookies

Why use third-party cookies when first-party data is available

As Google Chrome and other browsers prepare to end support for third-party cookies, Adobe announced the next-generation real-time customer data platform (CDP) to help brands activate known and unknown customer data.

The company’s real-time CDP allows brands to manage the entire customer profile and run seamlessly in one system without the need for third-party cookies.

As consumers become more aware of the value of the data they share online, privacy regulations such as GDPR become more and more complex.

However, at the same time, organizations are still committed to providing personalized brand experiences, usually created by tracking them from third-party cookies.

Now that Google has introduced its new tracking technology  in Chrome, brands will reduce the knowledge of unknown visitors about their digital assets, which will damage their ability to provide compelling customer experiences.

Adobe Real-Time CDP

Adobe’s real-time CDP provides brands with a centralized hub that combines different types of first-party event and attribute data to help them understand their customers more completely.

The platform allows brands to combine first-party networks, applications, and media data from publishers to build richer customer profiles. They can then use Adobe Target to create a personalized experience for visitors.

As it becomes increasingly difficult for unknown visitors to use their email or phone number to register on a brand’s website, Adobe Real-time CDP allows brands to build profiles of potential customers based on brand interaction.

This data will then be ingested by Adobe Target and used to arrange the next best content, offer or experience for them.

Adobe has also added a new feature called “segment matching” to its platform, which allows brands to expand their first-party data through partnerships.

On the other hand, lookalike audience segments allow the brand to identify other customers with similar attributes to the most well-known customers.

Through Adobe Real-time CDP, we work with brands to provide relevant, responsive and respectable through first-party data Experience.”

Brands interested in testing Adobe Real-time CDP on their own can request a demonstration of Adobe Experience Cloud on the company’s website.

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